Does this sound familiar? You created a Facebook page for your property management or individual rental property and posted a few times a month but as time passed, you did not feel like the page was boosting your lead generation. As more and more people use Facebook to post content, there is exponentially more competition for your target’s attention. You need to have adequate Facebook marketing for your rental properties.

Facebook ads ensure that your content reaches the right people at the right time. Below, you will find five reasons why you need to be using Facebook advertisements and several great services to make the most out of your investment.

Facebook Ads Are Cheap

Facebook Ads Are Cheap Graph

For their value, Facebook ads are remarkably cheap. According to AdEspresso, advertisers are only paying $0.22 per click on Facebook in 2019. Instead of rising in price, it is cheaper in 2019 to find a lead on Facebook than in 2018. The same AdEspresso article says advertisers who paid $2.55 per conversion in 2018 and now pay only $.55.

CaptuRE is a new real estate Facebook ad tool that brings even more value to your Facebook marketing campaign. CaptuRE makes it easy to post a Facebook ad from the photos and listing information from your PlanOmatic order. Once it is live, CaptuRE allows you to monitor its success with daily email updates.

Facebook Targeting Is Incredible

Facebook Target is Incredible

You may wonder why advertising on Facebook is cheaper in 2019 than in 2018. Facebook continues to grow and learn more about how to bring the right content to its users. New Facebook advertising tools such as targeting ensure that a dollar spent on the social media site today goes farther than ever before.

Facebook has several general targeting tools advertisers should utilize. If you are selling a property, the location targeting tool makes sure only people living nearby can see your ad. You could also target by behavioral characteristics, for instance, someone who was recently married might be looking to buy a home soon.

Once you are ready to do more advertising on the platform, Facebook Power Editor allows you to run larger advertising campaigns. Here is a great beginner’s guide to Facebook Power Editor for people who wish to launch more than one ad.

Your Leads Are On Facebook

Your Leads are on Facebook Graph

As of June 2019, Facebook had 2.4 billion active monthly users. Not only is over 25% of the world’s population on Facebook, but they’re checking in at least once a month. Facebook is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your community. Ads make sure people in your community see you early and often on their newsfeed.

To ensure you’re making the most of this service, CaptuRE allows you to see how many impressions and clicks your ads receive. This provides daily confirmation to you (and your sellers, if you choose) that the ad is receiving activity.

You Can Speak To Your Target Directly Through Facebook Live

You Can Speak To Your Target Directly Through Facebook Live

After a few great Facebook ads, imagine taking your new Facebook audience that is large and well-targeted and speaking to them all live. That is the power of Facebook Live. Showcase your property in real-time. You can also answer all of your potential buyers’ questions and concerns before they even visit the property.

Facebook Live allows you to be more accessible to your followers. It also generates more interest from potential buyers who may not have otherwise visited your available property in person.

Facebook Marketplace Reaches Local Shoppers

Facebook Marketplace Reaches Local Shoppers

Marketplace allows you to show off your property in the app where your target lives, Facebook. It also gives interested parties every detail they need to make the right choice. Best of all, Facebook Marketplace is a free resource.

Marketplace shows Facebook users items available in their local area from bicycles to real estate. It also sorts and suggests items based on the user’s buying preferences and browsing history. Much like the targeting tools you’ll use with Facebook ads, Marketplace ensures that the people who see your listing are the most likely to be interested. Even if someone is not ready to buy yet, they will be more familiar with your page and your brand when they are in the market for a property.

Many SFR owners and operators use Facebook to advertise. But few invest the time and money to do it correctly. With the proper Facebook marketing for rental properties, your properties will stand out and have a larger reach of potential residents. Use the resources mentioned above, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect buyer.