You probably already use social media to share funny photos or keep in touch with friends. But you aren’t sure how to use it for marketing your rentals on Facebook. You’re not alone. Each of Facebook’s 2.4 billion monthly users sees well-targeted advertisements every time they log in. Few of them, though, are taking advantage of that resource for their own professional needs.

With ads from Facebook Business, your rental properties are seen more often. Also, the people who see it are more likely to be interested than with a regular ad. Below, you’ll find tips on how to get started with Facebook Business ads and great resources to make your advertisements more effective.

1. Create a Facebook Business Page

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Instead of using your personal Facebook page, create a business account to use for your ads. Potential buyers have more confidence in a property sold through a professional business account. Also, using a business page allows Facebook users in your area to become familiar with your brand. Even if someone is not looking to buy right now, they will be more likely to keep you in mind later.

To get started, go to and choose “business or brand”. Creating a business page on Facebook is quick and user-friendly. But if you need help, follow this step-by-step guide by Fit Small Business.

2. Utilize Targeting

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To ensure your property connects with the best leads possible, use Facebook’s targeting options. For example, location targeting allows you to filter your ad’s audience based on their region or city. This ensures only people with a connection to your area see your property.

But how can you find local people who are actually looking to buy? Focus your ad on people who already clicked on available properties or who like local real estate pages. To do this, use Facebook’s detailed targeting option.

3. Make Your Links Visible in Copy

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Facebook cuts off the text in your ad after a few lines. Makes sure potential buyers can see your link by including it early in the ad. You should not feel pressure to include lots of information before the link. List the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the location of the property, and then give them a link to find out more.

4. Monitor Ad Performance

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After you build your business page, target local homebuyers, and make a clear advertisement, you’ll want to monitor your ad’s success. At PlanOmatic, we offer CaptuRE, a service that helps you post and view the progress of your real estate ad. CaptuRE allows you to see how many impressions and clicks your ad receives. The service also sends a daily digest about your Facebook ad to your preferred email. This gives you the latest updates on your ad’s effectiveness.

Billions of people go to Facebook every month. They log in not just to laugh or to message friends, but also to stay informed and ask for advice. A local Facebook user could see an advertisement for your property before they even let their friends know they want to move. That’s the power of the platform. Follow the four easy steps above, and you’re well on your way to boosting sales and building your brand.