•   Turn on all lights; turn off all ceiling fans.
  •   Clean, declutter and organize visible spaces.
  •   Put away personal items including family photos.
  •   Remove throw rugs to show off the floors.
  •   Adjust furniture, pillows, blankets and open window blinds.
  •   Add center pieces for a polished look.
  •   Clear off all countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Remove everything from the outside of the refrigerator.
  •   Turn off all computer and TV screens. Hide wires, cables and remotes from electronic devices.


  •   Close garage doors and remove vehicles and trailers from the driveway.
  •   Remove trash cans and lawn equipment.
  •   Clean and remove all debris and items from the yard.
  •   Present your patio/outdoor area like you're expecting guests. Open patio umbrellas and remove grill covers.


  •   Keep pets out of the way during photo session.
  •   Use garages, pantries, and laundry rooms for storage if they aren't being photographed.
  •   Have the house staged and photo ready prior to our arrival. We cannot remove or adjust items for liability reasons.