The PlanOmatic vision started like this: Do you want to start a business and build something really big together, or be a lifeguard for the rest of your life? 

That’s the question that Kori Covrigaru, CEO of PlanOmatic, asked his co-founder in 2005 when he started the business. Since then, the PlanOmatic team has been a trusted partner to real estate investors across the United States, capturing property data and visual content that supports their nationwide real estate investments. Let’s view the PlanOmatic vision in more detail below.

REITs want to scale but need support to make that happen.

Many real estate investors (REITs) want to scale their businesses, but they need the right strategic partner to help them do it. PlanOmatic helps REITs scale on-demand by capturing property data and visual content for them, while they build their business from anywhere. With our unmatched client experience, we’re able to deliver useful, actionable data and content in less than 48 hours.

Imagine you’re scouring the inventory to uncover your next investment opportunity, meanwhile, PlanOmatic is capturing immersive virtual tours of the properties you’re considering. These tours are so detailed they allow you to take measurements, and they offer a range of viewpoints as well as the ability to “walk through” the property — from anywhere. 

The freedom that comes from having a partner that helps you to scale at whatever pace you choose is unparalleled.

What to expect from PlanOmatic in the future.

Expect to hear more about PlanOmatic in your REIT circles. Our capacity to capture property data and visual content will move beyond the U.S. cities we currently serve and will be available worldwide. If you’re investing in single-family homes in Sydney, Australia, for example, we will be able to help you scale that endeavor.

Business Goals:

  • Define on-demand, transparent property data and visual content, so you can have that data available in the palm of your hand.
  • Grow to support REITs worldwide.
  • Serve residential and commercial real estate investors, and support their marketing, insurance, and valuation needs.

Humanitarian Goals:

  • Continue to pursue our commitment to diversifying our workforce.
  • Have a negative carbon footprint by 2032, to support sustainability.
  • Donate $1 from every order we receive to youth exiting the child welfare system, in keeping with our belief that shelter is a basic human right.

As a real estate investor, you need a simple way to scale your business. You need to be able to handle property acquisitions and management from anywhere. PlanOmatic is here to support your growth and help you scale on demand.

Take the steps you need to grow your business while streamlining your operations.