Pricing for your entire Portfolio

We specialize in servicing medium to large investment property portfolios and our pricing is based on volume.

Property Insights

Property Insights provides detailed property data for due diligence, renovation and leasing decisions

Matterport Dollhouse Screenshot by PlanOmatic


Matterport 3D tours can help you reduce vacancy rates by increasing engagement with your properties online and attracting more high-quality leads.

PlanOmatic Pricing Zillow 3D Home Tour

Zillow 3D Tour

Zillow 3D Tour offers prospective residents the ability to tour properties through an immersive online experience.

Floor Plan

Floor Plans include room labels and measurements so envisioning a property's layout is easy.

Photo Package 25

Photo Packages

Blue sky treatment included on all exteriors. Package with a floor plan and save.

Exterior Photo Package 5

Exterior Photo Package

The perfect solution for pre-marketing occupied properties. Blue sky treatment included on all exteriors.

PlanOmatic Pricing Amenity Photopack 5

Amenity Photo Add On

Show your rental's community pool, gym or park with amenity photos.

PlanOmatic Pricing Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

A more affordable alternative to physical staging, re-use your images on every turn, pre-market your rental ahead of finished renovations.

CaptuRE Facebook Advertising for Real Estate

CaptuRE Facebook Ads

Advertise your rental with CaptuRE Facebook ads by PlanOmatic. Targets engage with CaptuRE ads 6x more than the industry average.

PlanOmatic Pricing Single Primary

Single Primary Image

Pre-market your rental before renovations are done or residents have moved with a simple front exterior shot.

PlanOmatic Pricing Vehicle Removal

Vehicle Removal

Move the car with clicks instead of keys. The neighbor's mini van or the carpet installers truck can really distract from your rental photos.

PlanOmatic Pricing Virtual Twilight Service

Virtual Twilight

Feature your rental in the best light, regardless of the time of day with Virtual Twilight editing. Add a dusk sky to any exterior photo to turn your property into clickbait.

PlanOmatic Pricing Custom Image Alterations

Custom Image Edits

Trash cans, open garage doors, litter, graffiti–there's a lot of things that can give potential renters the wrong impression. We can remove these items digitally so your listing is turning heads for the right reasons.

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