PlanOlabs is the research, data, and consulting hub for PlanOmatic

At PlanOlabs, we analyze your current workflows and identify ways you can optimize operational and marketing processes to help scale and meet acquisition and portfolio growth goals.

Here's How We Can Help:

Workflow Optimization

Property Lifecycle Strategy

Data Analysis + Visualization

SFR Industry Research

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How Does PlanOlabs Work?

The PlanOlabs team works closely with our clients to provide valuable data and insights into their own internal processes and workflows. Here’s a few ways of how we do that:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Custom Analytics
  • SFR Industry Research
  • Recommendations
  • Workflow Workshops
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Competitive Analysis

PlanOlabs Case Study:

The Problem
The client was relatively new to the SFR space and they were setting up their internal processes to lease and manage the properties that were being acquired. They needed help with the marketing phase of their workflow since this was all new to them.

The Deliverable / Recommendation
We provided an extensive list of personalized recommendations, and we also created a process map showing the Current State and Future State processes for the marketing team if they followed our recommendation to automate their processes.

The Results
The client centralized their marketing efforts through one coordinator and automated their photography process end-to-end.

PlanOlabs uses comprehensive data analysis tools to help our clients get to the bottom of their internal inefficiencies and other operational or marketing workflows.