The PlanOmatic Process

We handle the details, you focus on your business. We’ve developed a seamless process to provide Property Insights™ and marketing services nationwide in under 48 hours.

0hrs 24hrs 48hrs

You choose your service package and place an order.

Optimize Your Workflow Processes with Technology Integrations

PlanOmatic APIs are designed to fit your business’ workflow needs.

Single Family Rentals and Order API Process

The Order API

The PlanOmatic Order API makes managing your orders easy. You will see your orders fulfilled faster, with fewer errors, and more transparency.

  • End order management through disorganized spreadsheets
  • Quit manually sending emails to communicate order progress
  • Stop relying on humans to place orders correctly
Our Process Data Feed API

The Data Feed API

The PlanOmatic Data Feed API delivers your digital assets exactly where you need them when you need them.

  • Stop manually downloading and uploading assets to your marketing portal
  • Quit replacing old assets with new assets by hand
  • No need to monitor your inbox for order deliveries
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Our Process Testimonial