The industry standard in 3D technology

Matterport 3D tours can help you reduce vacancy rates by increasing engagement with your properties online and attracting more high-quality leads. You can save on your overall costs and time to create quality, marketing assets needed to reduce your days on market and increase your potential rent range.

What is Matterport?

With a single Matterport visit, you will receive the following deliverables:

Matterport Dollhouse Screenshot by PlanOmatic

Dollhouse View

This is a full navigational plan where a renter can see and jump to different spaces throughout the home.

Matterport Floor Plan Screenshot by PlanOmatic

Floor Plan

The most accurate floor plans available leveraging AI technology created at the same PlanOtech appointment to decrease overall marketing lead time.

Matterport Showcase Screenshot by PlanOmatic

Showcase Tour

This is a clickable 3D tour where a renter can explore each room of a home. Renters can also utilize the unique.

Our Equipment

The Ricoh Theta Z1 allows our PlanOtechs to provide the most visually stunning 3D models.

Utilizing a larger camera lens allows for better ocular clarity and the full-color spectrum for premium visual experiences.

Our PlanOtechs can create both Zillow 3D or Matterport using the Ricoh Theta Z1.


Ricoh Theta Camera Image

Get Started with Matterport 3D Tours

PlanOmatic is teaming up with Matterport and Ricoh to create the best quality 3D tours available today.

We are now the biggest, fastest provider of Property Insights, 3D, photography, and floor plans NATIONWIDE.

This means our clients have the ability to scale up or down on-demand in any market they wish.