Time is money and you need to make the most of both, especially in real estate. Don’t waste your time acting like your own professional real estate photographer snapping photos with your iPhone. For around $150 you can have a pro do the job and return the photos to you in as little as 14 hours. Hire a professional and get back to doing what you do best–renting properties.

Your iPhone Photos Aren’t Good Enough

Your iPhone photos are not good enoughPhoto by PlanOmatic

Do you know how to take a photo of a living room in order to best maximize an open layout? Or how to adjust lighting when the weather suddenly goes from overcast to sunny? Well, a professional photographer does. It is their job to make sure your property is captured at its best. Their professional cameras are a lot more capable than your iPhone and cost more than the average mortgage payment. Trust that someone who has dedicated their life to photography will make your property look like a million bucks–or as close as possible.

You’re Making a Bad First Impression

You're making a bad first impressionPhoto by PlanOmatic

It’s the age of the internet. We are seeing both renters and buyers look online when it’s time to find a place to live. Experts found that an overwhelming 92 percent of people looking for their next home are searching online first. While they are browsing, potential renters will spend as long as 20 seconds looking at the front exterior photo before moving on to property details. This means you have only one photo, called the “hero image”, to grab prospects’ attention. To get a click, you need that hero image to be eye-catching.

A quick trick to getting more clicks is using a twilight photo, or a virtual twilight photo (pictured above). Twilight photography is taken on-site at dusk and virtual twilight photos are created in post-production from a daylight exterior image. In a comparison study, one company found that a virtual twilight got 3x more clicks compared to its daylight counterpart.

You Could Be Doing a Disservice to the Property

You could be doing a disservice to the propertyPhoto by PlanOmatic

Sometimes property photos look as if they were literally taken in the middle of the room, leaving online browsers confused about the size of the space. A professional real estate photographer uses art direction and a wide-angle lens to show the true size of the space. Wide-angle lenses are able to capture up to 180° of the room with a substantially wider depth of field than an iPhone. Using professional tools not only leads to the appearance of bigger rooms but to better photos in general.

You Could be Slowing Your Turn Time

You Could be Slowing Your Turn TimePhoto by PlanOmatic

Professional photos are clickbait, it’s that simple. Having a nice hero image will invite leads to view more photos. More views online mean more showings, more applications, and ultimately a faster turn. Reusing existing professional photography can even allow you to market the property before it is vacant and pre-lease the unit. Time vacant is money spent––speed matters more than ever in rentals.

Let’s be Real…You Don’t Even Know How to Open Photoshop

Let’s be Real…You Don’t Even Know How to Open PhotoshopPhoto by PlanOmatic

The editing process is just as important as the photography itself. This is where the magic happens. A professional photographer can enhance images in a number of helpful ways. Blue sky and green grass can be added to exteriors for a more inviting curb appeal (pictured above).  Or they can remove those pesky objects that didn’t get a chance to be moved before shooting, like trash cans or parked cars.

It’s safe to say tenants aren’t always kind to the property. Start marketing your property while you are still making repairs by utilizing custom Photoshop options. Pros can repair wall holes, unsightly clutter, or stained carpet all with a couple of clicks. This is just another reason why you should hire an expert who is trained to edit photos in a timely manner. PlanOmatic’s turnaround time for your order (including professional editing) is as little as 14 hours.

Investing in professional photography might seem like a luxury that simply isn’t necessary for your property but the truth is photos evoke emotions, and emotions drive our actions. Hiring a professional real estate photographer will be worth your while. Your future renter won’t know why they love their new home, just that they do.