PlanOmatic is partnered with Mile High United Way's Bridging the Gap program

Bridging the Gap connects young adults exiting the child welfare system with housing and personalized supportive services. The Mile High United Way program aims to help at-risk youth transition into adulthood.

The Hard Truth

As young people transition out of the child welfare system, the majority are unprepared for adult life.

• 23% Graduate High School On-Time in Colorado

• 50% Are Employed by the Age of 24

• 33.3% Have Been Homeless Since Leaving Foster Care

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2020 Impact Report:

PlanOmatic has provided the following benefits to foster youth who are exiting the welfare system


Independent Living Coaching sessions held with BTG participants


Participants began a new education program


Total employment positions procured for BTG participants


Youth participated in workforce development programs


Participants had safe and stable housing last year

PlanOmatic Giving Back Bridging the Gap
PlanOmatic Giving Back Bridging the Gap 2
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PlanOmatic Giving Back
PlanOmatic Giving Back
PlanOmatic Giving Back

Investing in the Future

PlanOmatic’s support of Bridging the Gap has enabled the Mile High United Way team to:

• Create a workforce development program focused on providing assessments and access to GED preparation and exams for clients

• Host a virtual expungement clinic to assist youth with removing or sealing criminal offenses from their records

• Provide a month of career-focused programming, including resume building and mock interviews, through Bridging the Gap Career Month

• Help participants with obtaining and ordering vital documents like birth certificates

• Survey scholarship recipients to better understand their needs and help them reach their goals

…And much more!

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