A Guide to Property Insights: Streamlining Your Operations to Make Your Portfolio More Profitable

By Kori Covrigaru

Does managing your real estate investment portfolio leave you feeling stressed?

Single-family rental (SFR) investors have a host of logistical and operational tasks that can put pressure on their schedules and limit profitability.  Vendor management issues, material ordering mistakes, long-distance SFR management headaches — problems always seem to arise when investors least expect them.

Property Insights provides full-service support for SFR investors, from pre-purchase to post-rental of properties. We support your short or long-distance investment no matter where you are in the U.S., removing those pain points from your life.

  • Our nationwide network of PlanOtechs uses high-tech Ricoh Theta Z1 cameras to create virtual-reality-like tours of properties, including accurate dimensions (so accurate, you can take materials measurements from the 3D tour!), dollhouse views, and floor plans.
  • We provide access to an updated 3D tour during any renovations or repairs, so you can check on contractors and the status of a project.
  • Our 3D tour can serve double-duty as an add-on to your rental listing as well, making it easy for potential renters to virtually tour the home.
  • We can also provide a post-rental tour of a property, so you can inspect your investment’s condition from the comfort of your own home or office.

Investment Property Condition Report

When you’re making new acquisitions, you do not want to leave your investments to chance. Get insights on the home’s layout and condition before investing with the Property Condition Report.

Virtual Layout and Condition Viewing: You don’t need to travel anywhere but to your desk to view the layout and condition of any property in the country. Our national network of PlanOtechs allows 3D walk-throughs of the properties you’re considering. By visualizing the layout and condition of the property ahead of time, you will have a better idea of the profit you can make from the investment.

Remote Acquisition Decisions: Make your investing decisions remotely. With Property Insights, you can assess a property, determine the investment you would need to make to prepare it for rent, and easily calculate the projected profitability of the purchase — all remotely.

Renovation Planning

Reduce the headaches of renovation and repair projects. PlanOmatic builds a 3D virtual tour of your property, allowing you to digitally walk through your new investment and determine what projects need to be completed.

Project Planning: Walk through your property virtually to determine what renovations and repairs are needed.

Accurate Measurements: Use our 3D video tool to measure spaces like counters or bathrooms to estimate needed materials.

Better Estimates: Estimate materials and labor needs from your computer more accurately. With the measurement tools and virtual walk-through, you have a better understanding of the property’s needs, resulting in less material waste and more accurate scoping.

Reduce Change Orders: With better estimates of your project’s needs, you can also reduce the number of change orders you have to make.

Renovation Oversight: Schedule virtual walkthroughs during the renovation process to manage your projects from anywhere.

Property Life Cycle Management

With rental properties, the property’s condition post-turnover is always a concern. Our 3D tours track the appliances, utilities, and overall condition of the property.

Single-family rental investors can reduce their operating costs with Property Insights by PlanOmatic. All those little things that take up time and space in your head are — poof! — gone. We streamline your investing processes, leading to a more profitable and less time-consuming business.