Real estate is a hyper-local business. Because of this, your photos should help you sell your expertise in your market. When you repurpose your listing photos, you extend your photography investment and save money that would otherwise be spent on a possible independent lifestyle shoot.

Prove that you’re a specialist in everything from the architectural style of homes to the natural scenery. Even popular hot spots are helpful. It’s important to get extra mileage out of your listing photography. Ask for these three shots from your real estate photographer to use on social media, your website, and print marketing materials:

1. Close-Ups of Architectural Details

Photo by PlanOmatic


You should aim to capture details in the home that embody the local architecture. Every area has distinctive design characteristics that make the homes unique, so be sure to key in on these features. You want to showcase your knowledge and appreciation of the history of your area. For example, crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, veined stone walls, crown molding, ceramic painted tiles, and rich cedar beams are useful images to repurpose. They speak to the market as a whole. Use these photos to add texture and context to your marketing materials.

2. Notable Views of Landmarks

Photo by PlanOmatic


Another way to repurpose your listing photos is to capture cityscapes or mountain ranges. Ask your photographer to capture the recognizable landmarks in your area. These classic images will immediately score bonus points with the locals by showing your clients that you have pride in the setting in which you live and work. Add these images to your marketing materials to build a connection with your audience.

3. Neighborhood and Community

Photo by PlanOmatic


The third way you can repurpose your listing photos is to show your potential clients that you’re in tune with what’s happening in your city. Your photographer should take pictures of local shopping districts, the best restaurants and coffee shops in the area, and even popular parks. Incorporating these images into your marketing materials will help potential clients visualize their daily life in a particular area, adding to your credibility as an authority on your community.

In real estate, your brand is comprised of the way you present yourself in person and through your marketing materials. Great real estate brands build trust and loyalty with clients. Visual elements, like photographs, are critical when it comes to properly communicate the lifestyle your brand represents. When you repurpose your listing photos you not only strengthen your brand but also your relationships.