Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How and when do I pay?
A. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We do not accept any forms of checks at this time. We do require payment upon scheduling to hold your appointment time and date.
Q. How and when do I pay?
A. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We do not accept any forms of checks at this time. We do require payment upon scheduling to hold your appointment time and date.
Q. How do I order?
A. If this is your first time ordering, we suggest that you give us a call. This will allow us to briefly explain our services to you, as well as give you a custom quote based on your service area, and the size of your listing. Existing clients may visit the Order page on our Website.
Q. How many photos will you take?
A. Up to 50 images. That's right, FIVE-ZERO! Obviously, this would be a bit overkill for smaller listings. Our general rule of thumb is to take 3-4 of the front, 3-4 of the back, 2-3 per major room (Living, Dining, Master Bedroom, etc) and 1-2 per smaller rooms (Bedrooms, Study, Powder Room, etc). We tend to overshoot rather than undershoot and unique characteristics of the property are always taken into consideration. Please mention any special requests upon placing your order.
Q. How do I prepare for a PlanOmatic appointment?
A. The same way you prepare for an open house. Just make sure the home is in showing condition. We ask to have access to all areas of the listing in order to assure the accuracy of the floor plans. Please make sure there are no cars parked in the driveway as well as any trash bins from the night before. Your professional will mostly likely be on a tight schedule, so please make sure the home is ready for the shoot prior to their arrival.
Q. How long does the appointment take?
A. PhotoPlan appointments typically take 30-45 minutes per 1,000 sq. ft. to create the floor plan AND photos. Each listing has its own unique characteristics, so the amount of time my vary. Remember, this isn't your typical photo shoot. Your professional will create the digital floor plans on-site, as well as photograph the entire property. Floor plan only and photography only appointments are much shorter.
Q. Can you link my tour to
A. Absolutely. Here's the skinny. Your listing data will automatically be added to from your MLS (minus the virtual tour link). That's where PlanOmatic comes in. As vendors, we have the ability to add the little red spinning house to your listing. This is valuable because users will now have access to more photos, floor plans, and your listing will be featured ahead of all others without a virtual tour link. All we need from you is the listing MLS number. This service is FREE for Showcase Members (those who pay an annual fee to feature their listings and shade them yellow). For non-showcase members, the fee is $25.
Q. Can I add sound or audio to my presentation?
A. Yes. Click here to log in to your PhotoPlan Management Account and choose from our public sound files, or you may upload your own (please be mindful of copyright laws). Click here to download the Sound Management Tutorial. We'd also be happy to choose for you, or upload any mp3 file you send our way.
Q. Can I make changes to my listing or contact info?
A. Absolutely. We provide you with log in information to your PhotoPlan Management Account. There, you are free to make changes to listing information, as well as your contact information. If you prefer that we make changes for you, not a problem. Just give us a call or Email Us and we'll be happy to assist you.
Q. Do I have to be there for the photo shoot?
A. No, you don't. This is totally up to you and the seller.
Q. Will PlanOmatic measure the square footage of my listing?
A. Our floor plans are created for the visual convenience of the potential buyer. With that being said, we can provide you with the total square footage mapped, as well assessed square footage for your listing. Our figures may not be 100% accurate, and verification by the buyer is always suggested. For exact measurements, we recommend an appraiser.
Q. Will you link my tour to the MLS?
A. Unfortunately, most MLS systems do not allow vendors to access their data, with the exception of very few. For those we don't have access to, we've studied them and are well acquainted with the system. We'd be happy to assist you, or email you a PDF with instructions on how to upload virtual tour links. Call us to find out what the case may be for you.
Q. How long does it take from the time I order?
A. We require 1-3 business days to schedule your appointment. We GUARANTEE a proof to you within 2 business-days from that appointment by 5 PM. Next day turnaround service is also available.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. Our prices vary based on your service area. PhotoPlan (interactive floor plan presentation) pricing is based on the square footage of the subject property. Contact us today for a custom quote.